About Modeled Horizons

Modeled Horizons, Inc. was established in 1987 primarily as an architectural model shop. Since then we have evolved into a diversified, full service model shop. Modeled Horizons combines the most contemporary technologies with the artistry and craftsmanship that produces scale models of uncompromising quality and detail.

Architects, developers, engineers and marketers have all used detailed scale models created by Modeled Horizons to give prospective tenants, clients and investors a compelling sense of space, scale and environment. Even the most challenging and intricate models become inspiring reflections of our clients original vision.

Model displays created by Modeled Horizons have armed salespeople from companies around the world with valuable marketing tools - models that add color, life and meticulously detailed dimension to any marketing room, exhibit or presentation.

Back in 1987, right about the time the Minnesota Twins were winning thier first World Series, we completed our very first model!!  It was a U.S. Army Power Generator for Onan Corporation.  The model was fairly simple, but it was the beginning of a very exciting next quarter century!

U.S. Army Power Generator - Our First Model - 1987!!!

Scale: ??
Size: Approx. 12" long
Client: Onan Corporation (now Cummins)

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