3D Printing

Dim-1200-es 1.jpg

3D printing is a fast and affordable way to make difficult parts from tough ABS plastic.  Modeled Horizons chose the Dimension 1200es 3D printer by Stratasys because durability is a key factor and we ship models around the world,

Stereolithography (SLA) parts can be very brittle and not very durable.  ABSplus material is heated plastic, fused together in layers to form very strong parts which can be sanded smooth and painted to a perfect finish.

We provide any level of finish you would like:  

Unfinished - support material removed - any color you desire.

 Sanded smooth - ready for paint, presentation or varification

 Sanded smooth, primed and painted. 

Simply send us a CAD file of your part in almost any format and we will get you pricing, usually within minutes!


Laser Cutting & Etching

ULS M300.jpg

Laser Cutting & Etching is an extremely fast and accurate way of cutting plastic and wood flat stock.  The Universal Laser Systems laser is truely the workhorse of our model fabrication.  The laser has the capability of cutting materials ranging in any thickness from 1/4" to paper thin leaving only a .005" wide cut.  Etching logos and artwork into walnut and many other materials is attractive and looks professional.

 Laser Etched Award.jpg

Laser etching into walnut and steel barrel


CAD and Graphic Design

Screen Shot.jpg

The models created by Modeled Horizons are designed using powerful CAD and Graphic programs, such as AutoCAD Architecture, Solidworks, KeyCreator, Rhino and CorelDraw.  We have the capability to import most files and prepare them for 3D Printing, Laser Cutting or CNC Milling.


Painting and Finishing


Painting and Finishing has been made simple by our new Matthews Paint System.  We can now match over 70,000 existing colors.  We simply use an online retrieval system to get formulas for colors from many manufacturers from Benjamin Moore to Pantones to Valspar Paints.  We use brilliant and durable acrylic polyurethane paint to achieve the many special finishes we have perfected.

Automated & Mechanical Models

Automated and Mechanical Models consists of adding motion, sound or lights to animate a model.  Modeled Horizons has created interactive or fully automated models as seen in our various videos below.


Architectural Models

Models of all levels of detail, specializing in full color, high detail, laser cut plastic presentation models.

We provide high quality hardwood model tables, pedestals and clear acrylic dust covers and custom built cushioned shipping crates.

Creative solutions for electrical lighting using warm incandescent illumination, cool fluorescent, miniature bulbs, LED’s and fiber optics.


Military Models

Fully automated models using computerized programmable controller to control mechanical motion, lights, sound and smoke effects.

Cutaway models to view the workings of complex internal components.

Smaller scale desktop models, multiples or “giveaways”. Typically mounted to an attractive walnut base with laser etched logos and information.


Medical Models

Great training tool models for demonstrating various surgical procedures. Laminated clear acrylic plates with milled arteries for catheter and stent procedures. Anatomically correct skeletal models for various training procedures.


Industrial Models

From wind tunnel test facility models to off shore Liquid Natural Gas facility models. We provide durable models packed in custom built cushioned shipping crates to handle worldwide shipping.


Other services we provide:

Precision Digital Machining
Model Photography and Video Editing
Vacuum Forming
Spin Cast Metal
Custom Woodworking
Illumination Solutions
Internationally Approved Custom Crating and Shipping
Highest Quality Clear Dust Covers